Restringing, Tennis Racquet -

Strings wear down from play relatively quickly and subsequently lose their elasticity and ability to hold tension. If left too long, it can negatively affect your performance, comfort, and feel. 

Wondering how often you should have your racquet restrung? There is a general rule of thumb that provides useful guidance.


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Squash Racquets -

Whether you are looking to purchase your first squash racquet or replacing your current one, three racquet properties should factor into your decision – weight, head shape, and stiffness. Knowing more about these racquet properties will help you make your choice.

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Restringing, Tennis String -

Understanding the various string materials and technology behind the strings can seem overwhelming. ORC Pro Shop’s Manager and Head Stringer, Dan Kilberg, is happy to help explain the different tennis string options and what string to choose to help you play your best!

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