PRINCE Vortex Pro 650 Squash Racquet

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Arriving in a vibrant purple, black, and blue color scheme, this racquet really catches your eye. The Vortex Pro 650 weighs 125 grams unstrung, and is head light, so you it's definitely on the lighter side, giving the user a little more speed & maneuverability. Reinforced with TeXtreme X Twaron, it's clear that Prince are focusing on durability!

I'd recommend the Vortex Pro 650 to anyone looking for a bit more maneuverability and speed. And the 16 x 17 string pattern is a great medium between assisting power and assisting control.


Weight 125g
String Pattern 16 x 17
Balance 330mm
Material 100% Graphite w/ TeXtreme X Twaron
Technologies Air Handle and Power Ring