DUNLOP SX 300 Lite 2022 Tennis Racquet

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The SX 300 Lite 2022 from Dunlop brings optimized access to spin and power in a lighter frame for a wide variety of players including capable beginners, intermediate and advanced players who prefer a little less weight.

The headsize at 100 square inches provides a blend of control and power with a forgiving feel. Coupled with the headsize, the open string pattern has a lively feel with easier access to spin. The weight being slightly lighter than average at 10.1 ounces (unstrung) maintains good general stability and stopping power for increased power potential and strong return of serves while bringing lightweight feel for enhanced maneuverability granting easier movement for net-play, serves and quick returns. Its head-light balance (unstrung) increases your ability to move the frame quickly, an important factor in generating power as well as being conducive to fast movements at the net for game-changing volleys or being able to swing fast for greater spin generation. The beam thickness enhances and optimizes the stability of the frame for greater energy transfer and power across the string-bed, something more common in the 100 square inch racquets of the modern era being developed for spin and power.

The racquet has even more "Spin Boost" than before with it's new spin-enhancing grommets that allow extra string movement which improves the "bite" on the ball for a higher degree of spin rotation. Similarly, wider string spacing further amplifies its access to spin.

Combined with the core technologies and updates, this racquet is fantastic option for many players who want to maximize their power and spin with a snappy and lighter-weight feel.