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DUNLOP Apex Supreme 3.0 Squash Racquet

DUNLOP Apex Supreme 3.0 Squash Racquet

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Dunlop Apex Supreme 3.0 The Traditional Squash Racket from the Apex collection. Equipped with an oversized racket blade of 525cm2 and a string pattern of 16x19, this gives you a lot of control and makes it an easy squash racket to play with. Due to its 125 grams and headlight balance, this is a light racket that is very agile. The concave on the inside of the frame protects the string against off-center hits and gives the string more freedom of movement, so you will experience more power. The updated design of the Dunlop squash racket is also very beautiful on this model. The outer contour of the Dunlop logo extends from the string into the frame, creating a recognizable appearance.


  • Head Size: 525
  • Weight: 125 g
  • Balanced: to handle (head light)
  • Head shape: Conventional
  • String pattern: 16x19
  • Construction: Premium Graphite
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